Have you ever been here before? I mean, do you really know this place? This isn’t just the fourth largest city in the U.S. To us, it is so much more than that. 197 miles east of San Antonio is the energy capital of the world. I’m sure you’ve heard the names by now. The Bayou City, Screwston, Clutch City, H-town, Space City, Hustletown; this is Houston. We are sports fanatics with a tailgating problem, tex-mex and BBQ snobs, and beer enthusiasts constantly chasing down the next greatest brew. We are innovators with a never-satisfied attitude. We helped put a man on the moon and then asked ourselves how much further could we go? We grew up on clutch moments during the big game and dreams bigger than the 8th wonder of the world.

We are as diverse and cultured as it gets. A city of different backgrounds, a melting pot of ideas if you will. Where else can you eat a boar’s head prepared for you by one of the top BBQ chefs in the nation then, should you choose to do so, walk less than a mile down the road to sit down and enjoy an authentic Peruvian dish made the old fashioned way? It doesn’t stop there, the underground music scene is another world all its own. Truly, one ahead of the curve with venues scattered throughout the city showcasing local artists of different genres ranging from rap to heavy metal. This city is also immersed in art, from breathe-taking masterpieces in the museum district to inspirational quotes on bridges and beautiful murals covering buildings. Cheering for the home team is a way of life for some here. The up and down rollercoaster of being a Rockets, Texans, and Astros fan can be jarring but I assure you, we wouldn’t change a thing. With triumphant wins and devastating losses, we are a city who stands with our teams through thick and thin.

Let our show be your key to seeing what’s behind the doors you never opened. Follow us as we say "cheers" with craft brewery owners, taste what these streets have to offer, and root root root for the home team. Visiting the city for your first time? We can show you the ropes, from the oldest craft brewery in TX to a one of a kind Viking restaurant. Let the locals fill you in on where to go and what to see. Let us show you WHAT’S GOOD, HOUSTON?!

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